The Tree of Light

The Tree of Light

15 street ligths from fifteen different countries around the word

Variable dimensions


The Tree of Light will be created as an ode to the utopic idea of reconciliation between all nations, ethnicities, religions, political systems, societies and cultures.  It is in this hope we propose to erect and construct the project.

We, the studio of Rafael Villares, would like to invite anyone who can send public streetlight lamps from the diverse latitudes of the planet, to create a luminous object, a fountain of light. Those who choose to participate in the act of contribution will be demonstrating their interest in constructing a symbolic space of collective action. The project is grounded in the idea of participation, as such, the dates of delivery of each item will be published alongside the lamp heads in the location of the work.

The studio of Rafael Villares will reimburse the costs of delivery of the lamp heads, along with the costs of the care and the preservation of the work. The Tree is very much a work in progress that will evolve depending on the items delivered by participants. Each lamp head sent has a unique place in the installation. As a result of this natural evolution, we will erect the final edition of the project in the month of May, however the project will not have a natural end during the Biennial. We will remain open to future collaborations, pending future editions of the Tree.

We would like to place emphasis on the act of participation itself and its centrality to the symbolic nature of the work. The act of sending a light from one geographical location to another, followed by the grouping of all lamp heads together on one lamp post, gestures towards the revelation of the collective effectivity that lies beneath a cultural subconscious.

The work will be placed in a public space in Havana, Cuba, during the XII Havana Biennial, as a part of the Behind the Wall project and collection.

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