Sound photograph, 2013
ED. 5 y 2 AP
0,90 cm x 200 cm.

What's the authentic relation between parts of reality that are supposed to be antonymous?

In this work sounds in the picture have been inverted, the recording made during the taking of the photo in the city is heard in the woods and vice versa.

I am interested in how an artwork can combine different fragment of reality to create an idea of unity. We are used to separate elements in order to understand it properly, but hardly ever do we try to understand things as an outsider viewer. A simple gesture of separating a sound from its context could generate multiple sensorial interaction with the public, in order to force it to alternate between a range of rational reflections and spontaneous emotions. I believe an experience through art can change the way we perceive our landscape, considering this concept as an open structure than involves our past, present and future memories of everyday sensorial interaction with the universe.