Intervention on an old mirror and light box

Variable dimentions.


ED. 7

The work uses aesthetics as a way to catch the attention of viewer and make a tale with an antique mirror. The insinuation of the arch of heaven is projected in the mirror by the drawing on the mercury paper in the back of it. Some constellations, particularly the Polar Star (Polaris) emerge in the center of the image as a peculiar night landscape. Looking at this mirror provokes a different reflection than usual and forces the viewer to fragment the perception process. He recognizes the mirror by parts: first, the observation of the drawing of the stars; second, he at the mirror and finally both images are superimposed in one. He might say “my reflection reminds me of the universe”: the reflected image is neither subject nor object, but comprehends both at a higher level.

Also, a lot could be said by observing the way viewers interact with their own reflection and with the work in general. In this case the artwork is a spiritual and sensorial personal experience but also it transforms to become a container for psychological and social relations.