Essay for a multiple ladscape #2, 2014

Ink on cardboard and sound. 42 sketches.

This work belongs to a series of pieces that arise as a result of specific actions or attitudes with a landscape. The process in this case will be to make sketches of a particular landscape (parts of the city), splitting the elements in the cardboards of a drawing blog while I´ll record the full sound of the place. 

Using headphones, the listener will be able to recognize a coherent horizon with the images he sees in front of him. The relation between drawings and sound will activate a sort of new experience in the spectator, which may begins to organize his own landscape. Of course, every viewer´s landscape is completely different to the one I deconstruct. The reaction to the work depends on the particular relation the viewers have with their cities, and the way the sensorial experiences with places or circumstances construct their memories and thoughts.

The idea to use the sketch as a language (the method could be drawing, watercolors, ink or paint) owes to the fact that I assume it as a metaphor for our perception. Memories and experiences act like mind sketches of our daily life.