From the serie “About human loneliness”
Sound installation
Ligth box, false flooring, LEDs, sensor for voltage fluctuation and sound system
16 x 6 x 1,5 m y h: 20 cm (false flooring ), 10 x 3m y h:20 cm (earth zone)
Limited edition: 6 & 2 A/P.
100 x 60 cm. Digital printing
Limited edition: 5 & 2 A/P
Ligth box, sensor for voltage fluctuation and sound system
Variable dimensions

Breathe was an installation that consists in the construction of a light box in the middle of the gallery and a false floor around it. Over the box was located a layer of cracked earth, in a way that the light of the box emanate from the fissures. Also, the viewer listened the sound of breathe that was connected to the LED lights with sensor that indicates a fluctuation in the lights intensity (the lights went up when inhaled and down when exhaled).